Floor Water Features

Floor Fountain

This freestanding water feature looks ideal flush against the wall. It is highly recommended and very simple to set up.

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A floor fountain is the perfect way to separate space in any indoor or outdoor space. With so many styles and materials to select from it is easy to get lost in all the details. Regardless of whether or not you have ever worked with an interior fountain waterfall or not, you will find all the information you need right here. Let us explain the basics behind fountain set-up, operation, and maintenance so that you can handle your freestanding water wall like a pro.

Interior Floor Fountains…

Any commercial floor water fountain feature will be a wonderful decorative piece to any business, commercial area, or restaurant. Any freestanding water feature inspires an absolutely modern feel to any space. Water Feature Supply supplies our customers with the highest well made standing water fountains in the United States. Our large collection of standing waterfall features is sure to rouse even the toughest critic.

An indoor free-standing water fountain is the ideal way to increase the available oxygen in your restaurant and also decreasing pollen, dust, and other harmful debris through the process of continuous filtration. If your are not interested in a standalone water wall, view our commercial mountable waterfalls and custom fountains are perfect for unique projects.

These standalone water walls will make your home turn into the perfect oasis. Whether it be your home, office, or business, a floor water features is the right ides for any client trying to add some pizzazz to their interior space.

What kind of freestanding water fountain, are you interested in finding? Contemporary free standing waterfall? Indoor or Patio water fountains? water fountain features to be used in a business or commercial space or home space?

Sifting through this modern selection of standing water features is going to assit you to choose which style of water wall, you should be interested in buying. There are many ready to go stocked units which can generally ship by a week following a purchase, it is possible your client’s specific project might make it necessary that you need to build a custom water feature.

The regulated electric power needs for every one of these standalone waterfalls is a normal 110v GFI outlet . These standing waterfalls are simple to get running, each fountain comes with a set up Video and also all the necessary mounting brackets and parts. Wall hanging your client’s a modern floor water feature can be as relatively simple as mounting a flat screen t.v.

A few things to think about prior to installing an interior floor water wall..Simple floor water wall facts…

Traditionally, free-standing water walls will show up in the same ways as any other piece of furniture; crated, simple to set up, and functionally ready. Indoor standing waterfall features can be installed on any wall, and will definitely highlight the natural sight and pleasure of water in motion. Many interior free-standing waterfalls can be modern; constructed using bronze, glass, polycarbonate, and others show a more earthy tone with LW slate, copper, and rustic colors. Interior standalone water features are also crafted in stone, pebble, and painted options. Many standalone water walls can run inside your home and also in your backyard and can be made to many different dimensions.

Make sure you check out our entire collection of freestanding water features and fountains here. Or if you would like check out some of our wall water features, right here.