Finalizing your indoor home water feature with the correct pump.

WATER FOUNTAIN PUMPS lf that you are contemplating a moving water fountain, such as any fountain or retaining wall mounted water feature, you will have to have a pump. The great variety of… Continue reading



How to correctly light your new water feature.

<a href=””>Well-placed lighting effects in or around your water feature can bring your backyard alive during the night. </a>Lights also make this easier and safer to negotiate the spot in twilight or darkness.… Continue reading

The Origins of Fountain Building

If anything in nature is usually naturally attractive and really worth our attention, it is usually water. The shimmer along with sound of pools, wall water features, and floor fountains have cast their… Continue reading

Spring is here, consider adding a wall mounted water feature to your home.

Did you know that an indoor fountain is not only beautiful, but it also has the power to purify the air in your ho me. That’s right, installing a wall mounted fountain is… Continue reading

A fun and simple water feature project for your family.

A wonderful, and wonderfully easy, project for adding a water feature to your home is creating a self-contained waterfall They’re popular for use indoors and out. Styles and vessels range from the traditional… Continue reading

Aesthetic Considerations for Installing a Decorative Fountain

A water feature can be any size, shape, or style as long as it is keyed into its location and is in scale with its surroundings. As water is such a powerful visual… Continue reading

Practical Considerations for Siting Your Indoor or Outdoor Water Feature

The location of your water feature will be determined by its relationship to the house, the design space boundaries, and existing features such as trees, as well as general site conditions such as… Continue reading

How to create the perfect ambient lighting to accent your new decorative water feature.

Water introduces a reflective light catching surface that can be emphasized by using mirrors. A mirror can create an illusion of more space, but it needs to be carefully sited to avoid reflecting… Continue reading

Indoor Water Features – Advice from the Pros

Fountains introduce energy and vitality to the design space water feature, bringing the elements of air and water together as water is forced upward in order to fall back down again. Because sunshine… Continue reading