Tabletop Water Features Are Ideal For Your Student

Tabletop Water FeatureTabletop waterfalls and fountains make a great gift for anyone who is away at college studying hard to get ahead in life. We all know that college can be demanding, especially those of you who actually finished it, so what better way to brighten your student’s day than by giving them a desktop fountain. Water Feature Supply has a huge selection of desk and table water features that are made from a variety of materials. If you looking for a copper tabletop waterfall we suggest you browse our copper tabletop fountain category here.

Tabletop Water FountainIf copper is not your thing, don’t worry we have several different options for you to choose from in addition to this category. Our stainless steel and pebbled desktop fountains are also very beautiful and have a very rustic, natural feel to them. If your student is into the more rugged aspects of life a fountain like the one to the right might work for you as well. This fountain is called the Eternity Calming Bamboo Tabletop Fountain and can be purchase for just $66. All of the fountains listed in our tabletop section feature free shipping and no tax, so go ahead and get yourself something you deserve.