Interior Design Tips You Should Not Ignore

The following five rules should always be followed when you decide to make over your interior space. We understand that not everyone has a degree in design and that most people will be using whatever resources they have available to them. The following basic tips will help you to make sure you get everything in your new space looking perfect.

1. Get the Lighting Right – Have you ever heard the saying the lighting is the single most important factor in interior design. Without you have nothing, kind of like the guy who threw out a server with 7 million dollars in bit coins on it.

2. Get The TV Size Right…If You Must Have One – Many times we see clients who ruin a perfectly good space with an incorrectly sized television. Size does matter, but not in the way you think it might, make sure your TV suits the space you have.

3. Allow Enough Space – Perhaps the biggest impediment we see clients have with creating the ideal interior space is clutter. In order to make a space have the ‘just right feel’ you need to make sure that you have adequate space.

4. Choose The Right Paint Color – Color, color, color. Is there any more important element than color, we don’t think so and we find choosing the right colors for your walls is all about testing and patience. Don’t settle you will regret it.

5.  Hang Mirrors And Art At The Right Levels- Whether you are hanging wall fountain or a mirror it is important that you do so at the correct height and level. The average hanging height is 5’7″.