The Cottonwood Falls Double Paneled Wall Water Feature

Today we will highlight on one of our most popular medium sized wall fountains; the Cottonwood Falls. Enjoy the information and don’t forget to <a href=””>visit us.</a>

The Cottonwood Falls is named after a large, natural waterfall in the mountains of Utah, known for its breathtaking free fall and views. Like the waterfall that inspired it, this is one of our most beautiful double paneled wall water fountains. This incredible wall hanging waterfall creates an ambient environment adding both beauty and improving overall air quality. You can select from several different face choices including slate, lightweight slate, marble, and glass giving you total control over the final look and style of the fountain.

The Cottonwood Falls produces a beautiful, natural sound, delights the eyes, and will improve any home or office. If you are looking to make a statement then this is the water feature for you, it is large enough to command attention and sleek enough get your space complimented. Whether you are looking to decorate a corporate space, re-design your home, or build out a new commercial area this is a great choice for your project. The Cottonwood Falls indoor wall fountain is hand crafted to perfection and includes step by step instructions so that you can easily install it.

Price: $3,599.00
Total Weight: 180 lbs
Size: 61″W x 69″H x 6″D
Face Material: Lightweight Slate (Multicolered, Green, and Black), Slate (Red Rajah or Green Jade), Marble (Black, Brown, or Green), Glass (Bronze and Silver Mirror)
Finish/Edges: Blackened Copper, Stainless Steel, or Rustic Copper (+$150)
Includes: Halogen Lighting & Bulbs Polished River Rock Pebbles (Ships complete with EZ Installation DVD and Printed Instructions) Rustic Copper
Additional Options: Custom Engraved Logo, Remote Control Lighting
Mounting Options: Wall Mounted Water Feature
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