Modern Designers Embrace The Water Feature For Indoor and Outdoor Projects.

More than any other garden element, water stimulates the senses of sight, sound, smell, and touch. It provides movement in the garden, as with a fountain water feature, canal, or the rippling reflection of a still indoor water wall. It offers an oasis and a shelter, cooling the body with a simple touch of mist from a fountain While protecting and nurturing a vast ecosystem of plants and wildlife.
Minimal modern indoor water walls, architectural garden water features, and fountains, as well as traditional ponds, fountain water features, and water feature fountains, comprise water features. Some features lend themselves to the symmetry of a formal garden, others are casual and mimic nature in their spontaneity.
Your choice of a water feature should match your personal style, comfort level, and location. Add aquatic plants to these features and you create a wall fountain. Many water features also support fish. All the design and building techniques described here are useful for establishing a suitable environment for freshwater fish. Expertise concerning the specifics of water quality, aquatic plants for a fish pond, and fish care, however, should be sought elsewhere.