Custom Water Features For Your Home, Office, or Business

So you have just gotten the go ahead to remodel the main space that is located behind the reception desk in your corporate office. Before you begin deciding on how to redecorate we recommend checking out some of the expert ideas found here @ You can find everything you need to know about installing, designing, and maintaining a custom water feature for your indoor or outdoor environment. Learn about the materials you can choose from including slate, copper, bronze, stainless steel, glass, and marble. Decide between a free standing floor fountain and a wall mounted fountain so that you can begin the process of selecting the perfect water feature for your home.

Before you dive right in, let look at some of the things you should consider before shopping. Each custom water wall is unique and designed to perfectly match the needs of the current design project. This means you can dictate the size, material, and overall engineering of the unit. If you are looking to hang a fountain behind the reception desk at your doctor’s office we recommend trying to find a standard line fountain from our collection here.

However if you are unable to find something on our site that satisfies your needs you can always contact one of our fountain specialist at 1 858 876 7261. They will gladly help teach you the process and begin to refine the exact fountain you are looking for. Many of our custom water walls are featured in prestigious hotels and restaurants and can be seen in several home magazines.  If you are looking for a floor custom water wall, we suggest you first browse our free standing water feature gallery. However if you cannot find something that fits your needs there you can view our custom water feature catalog here.