Aesthetic Considerations for Installing a Decorative Fountain

A water feature can be any size, shape, or style as long as it is keyed into its location and is in scale with its surroundings. As water is such a powerful visual element, any water feature or  must be carefully placed in order to balance the design space scene. You must consider where it will be viewed from and what it will be seen against. Siting the water feature close to the house can bring the enjoyment of water indoors. Dark interiors can be brightened by the reflection of light on water, and where moving water is present beautiful rippling effects can be created on walls and ceilings. At night a lit fountain can be a real feature seen from inside. Remember too that the sound of water can create a relaxing background. A good backdrop is essential to the success of a water wall. Water maximizes the effect of its surroundings, so consider locating the waterfall to make the most of any features worth reflecting, such as planting groups or attractive architectural features. Bear in mind that the best reflections are achieved when the backdrop is lit and the sun is behind the viewer.

A modern water feature or  should always be designed as an integral part of the overall design space composition and styled accordingly. On the following pages a  has been incorporated into different design space settings in order to demonstrate how water can enhance a design space and how a design space can be styled so that it harmonizes with the .