Some simple design ideas for your outdoor water feature area.

Design space Waterfalls

Waterfalls are formed where a change in level occurs in streams and rills and between two or more interconnected water features. Water can be made to project beyond the face of a fall, creating a smooth sheet, or to cling to the surface, producing a rippling cascade effect. It can be speeded up by channeling it through narrow spillways or slowed down by allowing it to fall across wider openings. Whatever the style of the water feature or watercourse, the design of a fall or spill should always enhance its appearance



Water features with copper.

Water has a strongly magnetic   appeal and where access over the surface is possible the attraction is even greater. Crossing your water feature or stream allows you a completely different view of the water and adds to your enjoyment of the feature. However, it is important that any crossing is part of a placed at a seemingly natural point, often where the stretch of water is at its narrowest route around or through the design space.


Stepping stones For Your Design space Fountain Area

Stepping stones are a particularly inviting way to cross water and less imposing than a bridge. They lead the eye across and can impart a feeling of fun and excitement. Regular stone set in a straight line suggest order and formality in an architectural setting while circular or natural stone following a meandering line are relaxed in feel and suit a more informal setting. Choosing materials or shapes that appear elsewhere in the design space will integrate the stepping stones into the wide design space composition.