Indoor Water Features – Advice from the Pros

Fountains introduce energy and vitality to the design space water feature, bringing the elements of air and water together as water is forced upward in order to fall back down again. Because sunshine reflects from the droplets of water, fountains seem to capture light, especially when viewed against a dark background. As the water falls it cools and refreshes the air through which it moves, creating pleasant sounds as it strikes the water surface below. Gently bubbling or spilling fountains will create a sense of calm, while more vigorous fountains and curtains will roar.

Even with  no space for a water feature or a fountain as it can just as easily be fed with water from a concealed reservoir. Reservoir fountains with no open water are ideal where child safety is a concern. The feature can be either stood on a surface or mounted on a wall; although, if the water falls into a container or trough before returning to the concealed reservoir you must make sure that children cannot fall or climb into the water. The choice of fountainhead and outlet is extremely wide, the most popular types being drilled boulders and brimming Luns for freestanding water features, and wall fountains masks and spouts with associated containers or troughs for wall-mounted fountains. If you want to create something unique there is no reason why you should not adapt other containers or found objects for the purpose—or even commission a piece of sculpture. Locating your fountain with care is crucial to its success as it will always be a focal point in the design space. You might place it near a favorite seat where you will be spending time, or perhaps choose the middle of a planted bed or the end of a vista where it can be enjoyed from a variety of places within the design space. The important thing is to integrate it into its setting so that it will not appear disconnected and isolated.

Lighting and Illusion For Your Outdoor

Water is essentially about light and reflection, so it is worth considering how these qualities can be further enhanced to add a touch of illusion and magic to your design space.