Additional ideas to consider when choosing a water feature.

Flowing and falling water

To create a sense of movement and vitality, or to exploit a slope in your design space, you might consider a flowing extension in the form of a stream or rill. Streams are intended as natural-looking features that create a sense of informality, whereas rills are clearly man-made features that are formal in character. Only the slightest slope is needed to move water from one part of the design space or provide your water feature with a greater to another, but a steeper ledge allows you the opportunity for more dramatic effects with ‘ chutes, cascades, and waterfalls. Falling water creates an increase in movement as well as it is captivating:

Sources of Water For Your Outdoor Waterfall

All moving or falling water in the design space will have a source and a destination. In an artificial system the destination is a water feature or reservoir that receives all the water from where a pump returns it to the source. The outlet through which water begins its journey can be as natural or artificial as you wish, depending on the effect that you want to achieve. It can be hidden with rocks or plants to create the illusion of water issuing from a natural origin or it can become an eye-catching feature in its own right.